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Transaction flow

We made the purchase of Japanese items very convenient and easy. We buy the items on your behalf. We stock your items up to two months for free in our warehouse. You decide when to ship your item. We consolidate all your articles in one package. This way you will make great saving on international delivery.

Make a deposit

In order to start bidding you need to make an initial deposit. The minimum amount is 1000 yen and allows you to make purchases and bid for an amount up to 3 times your initial deposit (example : a deposit of 10000 yen allow you to buy up to 30000 yen).
The deposit is made with Paypal and is used after to pay your items. We do not charge your credit card for this deposit and you can ask a refund any time you like. Learn more about the deposit system.

Buy on Yahoo Auction

Bidding and buying is very easy. Navigate with our site and simply bid when you find something you like. Everything is real time. You don't have to send us an email and wait for us to make the bid. Learn more on how to buy on Yahoo Auction.

Buy on other website

You can also buy in other website if you like. Send us a link via our interface and it's done. Simple as that. Learn more on how to buy on Japanese websites.


We will receive your items in our warehouse and stock them for free up to 2 months. You can ask us to ship your item at any time.


You can decide to send us a shipping request any time.
Since we will combine several items in one package you will make great saving on international delivery. You also got different shipping method available. Learn more on the shipping process.

10 reasons to choose us for buying in Japan

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