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Low fee!!

Our fee are among the lowest in the market and we will get cheaper. Our fee start at 299 yen. Learn more about our fee.

Buy on all website

We are not specialised in one particular shopping site or auction site. You can access every items available in Japan.

Bid real time on Yahoo auction

You want to be sure your bid will be made? No problem with that. Our system for yahoo auction is real time. Place your bid when you like and it will be done immediately.

Store your item up to 2 months for free

You want to wait a little time before shipping? Why send 3 packages for 3 different items if you can store everything and send it in one time ? We do that for free. Which bring us to our next point...

Save a lot in shipping

With our services you can buy in different Japanese web shop and pay only for one international delivery. This way you will enjoy great saving on international delivery.

Amazing Customer Service

We understand that buying items in the other side of the world can be scary at first. This is why we are always available to answer your questions and give you advice. Don't hesitate, we'll be more than happy to help. Contact us

Transparent Pricing

We believe that you should always know exactly what you're paying for. You will always pay the exact price and know what you are paying.

Many shipping mode available

You are not restricted to only one shipping mode. You can choose among 7 different ways of sending your items depending of your needs. Learn more on the shipping mode available.

Easy to use

Our mission is to bring Japan closer to you. In order to do that we believe that our system should be easy to use. This is why we are always working on making your experience with our site more enjoyable.

We care

We love Japan and Japanese items. So, we really understand how rare and valuable are your items to you. We will take good care of them and handle it with caution as it was our own.

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