Buy Nippon terms of use

Description of the Service

The Service provided by Buy Nippon is to act on behalf of any Member to purchase, on request, merchandise from other websites such as Internet auction sellers and site operators specified by members through our website, and to deliver said products to the member.

Membership Eligibility

A Member refers to an individual or a legal entity who has consented to the Terms of Service of Buy Nippon , has applied via the Internet for membership to use the Service operated by the Company, has been accepted as a member by the Company, and has been granted a member ID.

Disclaimer and limitation of liabilities

As explained in "description of the service" the Service involves the Company's purchasing of Products Etc. specified by a member in accordance with the member's instructions. Therefore, Buy Nippon is responsible only for the purchase and delivery of a product specified by a member and is not responsible whatsoever for inquiries regarding the description of received Products Etc., claims, defect liability, or other demands etc. is not affiliated with any of the auction sites, their subsidiaries, or any other companies mentioned on this website. Our company is also not an auction seller, nor do we have any affiliation with any auction sellers. We do not make any suggestions about the items you may find. The translation tools proposed by our site are only for the user convenience. Please make sure that the item conforms to your expectation before any bidding.

International delivery and refund

Buy Nippon is not a party to the carriage contract entered into with a carrier for carriage of a product, and Buy Nippon bears no responsibility whatsoever for loss suffered by a member in relation with the nondelivery, delay, or damage etc. resulting from an accident during carriage. All costs, charges, fees and taxes that may accrue before and after the shipment is made are to be borne by the customer.
The member hereby grants authority to Buy Nippon to enter into a carriage contract in the name of the member. In case of any dispute or fraudulent action, our company will try to contact the auction seller. If the problem is not resolved, we will make a complaint to the auction Web site and let you know the results of the complaint. If you are not satisfied, and wish to pursue your claim through the judicial process, we may help you locate a local attorney. Note that all legal disputes due to an auction transaction will be in a court located in Japan and all costs of such a process will be borne by you.

Modification of the Terms of Service

Buy Nippon reserves the right to change these conditions from time to time as it sees fit and your continued use of the site will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these terms. Buy Nippon may modify the Terms of Service without any prior acceptance notice. If there are any changes to our privacy policy, we will announce that these changes have been made on our home page.

Products for Which Use of the Service is Prohibited

A member must not use the Service for the following products

  • Item heavier than 30 kilogramme or whose size exceeds the size limit supported by the Japanese post
  • Cash, checks, drafts, stock certificates and other negotiable securities (including tradable coupons such as flight tickets and concert tickets).
  • Stimulants, cannabis, narcotics, psychotropic drugs, or other banned drugs.
  • Food or drink, or any other item that may easily deteriorate or spoil.
  • Firearms, swords, weapons, ordinance, gunpowder, explosives, poisons, and hazardous substances.
  • Medical supplies and medical equipment.
  • Items obtained by an illegal method or means.
  • Child pornography, adult videos, or other obscene material.
  • Any containant holding compressed gas (tires, gas canister, paint sprays...)
  • Items containing hazardous substances such as oil, gasoline, gas or lithium battery
  • Items whose transportation, export, and import is prohibited or restricted by laws and ordinances of the exporting/importing country including transit countries, the state or local government.
  • Other items that are not permitted to be handled under the carrier's carriage contract.
  • Depending on your country import law, alcohol might be prohibited over a given volume. Please be aware about this before bidding on alcohol, drinks, sake and perfumes.
  • Live animals or plants, dead animals or stuffed animals.
  • Items which contain a magnet are eligible only for FEDEX shipping.
  • Other items that Buy Nippon deems to be unsuitable.
See the full list

Inspection, Delivery and return of Products

After the products etc. have arrived at our storage , we may inspect the products etc. in order to check its contents. At this time, we might remove or add etc. packaging if we judge it necessary.
Buy Nippon will process to verification of the identity of the products, in order to check if there is no apparent discrepancy between the products and the description of the products stated by the seller. The product pescription refers only to text written by the seller and does not include the output of automatic translation.
Buy Nippon cannot conduct verification of details that were not included in the Product Description, verification that requires specialist product knowledge such as brand authenticity etc., verification of the quantity and condition of more than 25 contents contained in a single product, verification that involves disassembly or assembly of the product, verification that involves opening the packaging or breaking the seal etc., verification of the operation of appliances, or verification of the contents of a recorded medium such as a CD etc. However, Buy Nippon bears no obligation to carry out an inspection and the result of the inspection does not guarantee the quality of the product, presence/absence of defects, or authenticity of the product or that the said product does not violate the relevant laws or ordinances of the originating country, transit countries or destination country.
If, as a result of the verification process, Buy Nippon finds that the actual products etc. clearly differ from the details in the product description of the seller. Buy Nippon will negotiate with the Seller of the products etc. on behalf of the member for the return of the products etc. and a refund etc. Buy Nippon shall refund to the member the amount of the refund that Buy Nippon receives from the seller as a result of the said negotiations. However, Buy Nippon does not guarantee the result of negotiations to the member. If the products Etc. are returned to the seller, the member must bear the operational expense of returning the products etc. as well as the actual cost of sending the products etc.
Even if the result of the verification process finds that a member has been defrauded, Buy Nippon does not bear any responsibility whatsoever except for actions that come under the Company's responsibility.
After the completion of the verification process, Buy Nippon carries out procedures for dispatching or exporting the products etc. overseas on behalf of the member. Buy Nippon may, at its discretion, determine the delivery method, international delivery charge, and other expenses such as the shipping cost and handling cost required for delivery of the Products Etc. according to the weight and size of the Products Etc. tabulated during the verification process. Buy Nippon shall at its discretion nominate a handover date for the Products Etc., and the member may not specify a delivery date.
Buy Nippon shall fulfill the product delivery process under the responsibility of the member and in accordance with the member's instructions. Therefore, Buy Nippon shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever for information relating to export and import, such as the product name, product price and product quantity etc. written on the invoice, or for the tariff amount incurred on the basis of the said information, or measures such as import bans etc. imposed by the destination country. The member shall be liable for and pay all tariffs incurred upon the import of the Products Etc. and taxes levied by the destination country.
A member may not change the delivery destination of the Products Etc. unless the member submits an application using the form prescribed by Buy Nippon.


When Buy Nippon receives a request from a member for proxy purchase of products etc., Buy Nippon purchases the products etc. from the seller on behalf of the member. Therefore, a member cannot cancel a request for proxy purchase at its own convenience even if this contract has not yet been executed; nor can a member cancel this contract after the contract has been executed. If Buy Nippon finds itself in any of the following situations, Buy Nippon may cancel purchase of the Products Etc. for the member. (1) When Buy Nippon is requested by the seller of the products etc. to cancel the purchase contract. (2) When the products etc. do not arrive at Buy Nippon from the seller of the products etc. within 30 days of the date on which the order is placed with the seller except for cases where the product description or other notification indicates in advance that delivery of the product will take more time, such as in the case of pre-ordered products or products produced following receipt of an order.

Refusal to Provide the Service

In the case that a situation described below arises or is likely to arise, Buy Nippon may refuse to provide the service even if Buy Nippon has already agreed to provide the service.

  • When the product is a prohibited product as defined in our terms of service.
  • When the whereabouts of the member or the address to which the products are to be dispatched cannot be verified.
  • When the carrier does not transport the products.
  • When products are halted at customs.
  • When the member does not pay the purchase cost etc.
  • When it is found that the purchase cost etc. or other sale conditions stated by Buy Nippon or the seller contain an obvious error.
  • When Buy Nippon deems that the products etc. for which the member has requested a proxy purchase will be difficult to obtain.
  • When the member does not pay the purchase price etc. by the date nominated by Buy Nippon. When the member does not take receipt of the products Etc. by the date nominated by Buy Nippon.
  • When the member has violated the Terms of Service.
  • When any other act that Buy Nippon deems inappropriate has been committed.

Governing Law and Agreed Jurisdiction

Japanese law shall govern the Terms of Service and separate terms. If any dispute arises in relation with the Terms of Service or the separate terms, Tokyo District Court shall be the agreed exclusive jurisdictional court of the first hearing.