Storage rules

Accumulate all the items you want and collect separate items into one shipment.

Once your items have been delivered in our warehouse we will store them for free up to 2 months. During this period you can at any time select the items of your choice to send together.
To do so click on “item in storage” and select the item you wish to send in a single package.

Be careful, once your demand has been submitted you cannot add further items to the same package. Once items have already been collected and packaged for shipment, additional items that arrive after cannot be added to this shipment.

Storage Spatial Limits

Your storage period is for free but unfortunately not unlimited in space and weight. We do not store anymore items when the total weight of all your items exceeds 30 kilos or 300 cm (Length + Circumference). We must insist on these spatial limits, as they are the limits on postage set by Japanese Mail.

After the 2 month period

Each item in storage has its own 2-month window. You will receive notifications when your items are reaching their storage limit.

Once an item has exceeded its storage limit, the following will happen

  • We will package the item(s) for shipping. There is now no way to consolidate overdue items with others.
  • You will receive a notification in order to choose your shipping mode. The payment deadline is one week.
  • In case your deadline is overdue, you will be fined 500 yen per package per week for 4 weeks.
  • Once the 4 weeks has extended, your item will be liquidated.