Shipping Fee

Please refer to the following rules before your first purchase

To prevent delivery issues occuring, please check this checklist about your size, weight and content restrictions :

1. Parcel size limit

Please check that your parcel size matches the following size limits :

Regular package

Lenght + Circumference

3 meters MAXIMUM

Lenght limit

1.5 meter MAXIMUM

Weight limit 30 kilograms

Small package

Lenght + Width + Height

90 centimeters MAXIMUM

Lenght limit

60 centimeters MAXIMUM

Maxim 2 kilograms

Please visit Japan Post for further details about size restrictions>

If you have any inquiry about your purchase size, please join us before bidding.

2. Banned item policy

A member must not use the Service for the following products

  • Item heavier than 30 kilogramme or whose size exceeds the size limit supported by the Japanese post
  • Items containing hazardous substances such as oil, gasoline, gas or lithium battery
  • Cash, checks, drafts, stock certificates and other negotiable securities (including tradable coupons such as flight tickets and concert tickets).
  • Stimulants, cannabis, narcotics, psychotropic drugs, or other banned drugs.
  • Food or drink, or any other item that may easily deteriorate or spoil.
  • Firearms, swords, weapons, ordinance, gunpowder, explosives, poisons, and hazardous substances.
  • Medical supplies and medical equipment.
  • Any containant holding compressed gas (tires, gas canister, paint sprays...)
  • Items obtained by an illegal method or means.
  • Child pornography, adult videos, or other obscene material.
  • Items whose transportation, export, and import is prohibited or restricted by laws and ordinances of the exporting/importing country including transit countries, the state or local government.
  • Other items that are not permitted to be handled under the carrier's carriage contract.
  • Live animals or plants, dead animals or stuffed animals.
  • Other items that Buy Nippon deems to be unsuitable.

See the full list

3 . Available delivery services :

Delivery service

Delivery time

Parcel insurance



From 1 up to 3 months

Can not be insured & not recommended for fragile items


SAL (Economy)

From 2 up to 3 weeks

Capped by package weight



4 days

Up to 20000¥



8 days

Capped by package weight


Economy Small Package

From 2 up to 3 weeks

Up to 6.000¥


Airmail Small Package

8 days

Up to 6.000¥


Vessel (Surface) Small Package

3 months

Can not be insured


* Maximum insured value for Surface, Economy and Airmail methods (not eligible if package declared value is lower than this one) :


Insured value


11160 yen

From 5 to 10 KG

15170 yen

From 10 to 15KG

19190 yen

From 15 to 20KG

23200 yen

From 20 to 25KG

27220 yen

From 25 to 30KG

31120 yen

4 . Delivery fees preview tool :

Package Weight (in grams)

Shipping zone :

Shipping fee:

Small package (for packages less than 2000g):