Fee estimate* :

Item price (in yen) :

Parcel weight (in grams) :
Japan shipping fee :
Shipping zone :

Item price: 0 Yen

Item price: 0 Yen
Service Fee: 0 Yen
Payment Fee: 0 Yen

Shipping Fee:

Japan Shipping Fee: 0 Yen

Total (depending of shipping type) :

With EMS : 0 Yen
With airmail : 0 Yen
With sal : 0 Yen
With boat (surface) : 0 Yen

With small package airmail (limit 2000g) : 0 Yen
With small package sal (limit 2000g) : 0 Yen
With small package surface (limit 2000g) : 0 Yen
Under construction.
*This quote is just an estimate and does not serve as a final invoice.
This quote is for a single item, the savings by shipping several articles in one time are therefore not taken into account. Other optional charges are also not included in this quote.

What do i have to pay?

Purchase cost Shipping cost

Item price

The item price is the closing price of the auction or sale price of the item. Sometimes prices are displayed without the consumption tax (especially for direct sales on Yahoo auction or for some auctions). If this is the case it is necessary to add 8%** of the selling price.


**Starting April 1, 2014, the consumption tax in Japan will increase from 5% to 8%

Auction service fee

Per single won auction

Won price Fee
up to 999 yen 299 yen
between 1000 yen and 5000 yen 500 yen
5001 and up 10%

Won price Auction services fee
400 yen 299 yen
2700 yen 500 yen
6000 yen 600 yen
12000 yen 1200 yen
15000 yen 1500 yen
35000 yen 3500 yen
40000 yen 4000 yen


Shopping service fee

Fees are calculated per store.
Fees: 10% of the total order amount + 150 yen per item (excluding the first article) (minimum fee 500 yen).
Total order Number of items Shopping service fee
3500 yen 1 500 yen
7000 yen 1 700 yen
15000 yen 1 1500 yen
12000 yen 2 (5000 yen+7000 yen) 1350 yen (1200 yen+150 yen)
20000 yen 5 (4000 yen*5) 2400 yen (2000 yen + 4*150 yen)
10000 yen 10 (1000 yen*10) 2350 yen (1000 yen + 9*150 yen)
10000 yen 10 (1000 yen*10) 2350 yen (1000 yen + 9*150 yen)
10000 yen 10 (1000 yen*10) 2350 yen (1000 yen + 9*150 yen)
10000 yen 10 (1000 yen*10) 2350 yen (1000 yen + 9*150 yen)

Beware : we will not be able to group wire and service fees for purchases done on free markets such as Rakuma or Mercari. Thanks you for your understanding.


Other fees

Wire transfer Fee:
Wire transfer Fees are charged each time we pay an item to a seller, you can reduce these fees if you buy several items to the same seller. 220 yen

Pay Pal fee:
3.6%. We charge this fee for each deposit made

Domestic shipping fee:
Depending on the item, internal shipping might be free. We always choose the most economical option among those offered by the seller.

Packing fees:
We will try to recycle packaging where possible in order to reduce or eliminate costs. However, for large orders, fragile items or those requiring special packaging, packaging costs may be applied. These fees vary between 500 yen and 1000 yen

Custom duties:
Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping fees. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding or buying.

Japan Post handling fee for shipping a parcel which content value is above 200000 yen : 2800 yen


Late fees

Item payment:
When an auction has been won, you have up to one week to pay the item.
If you fail to fulfill this payment, a weekly 5% penalty is applied to the sum you have to pay, until a 4-weeks limit.
You're able to pay this sum up to 4 more weeks. Then your account is blocked, the to-pay amount deducted from your deposit and the item considered as unclaimed.

Storage time is over:
Each item you won can be stored up to 2 months in our stock.
When this time is over, we will prepare a new parcel to send including this item and ask you to pay the shipping fee.
You then get one week to pay the fee. A weekly 500 yen-penalty is applied beyond that period. Over four weeks, the item is considered as unclaimed. This late fee also applied to package which are ready to be shipped and that have a one-week payment window.