Frequently asked questions

In case you have a question about an item you can contact us via message. However, we cannot perform translations. Nevertheless, we can not ask the question to the seller on your behalf.
Unfortunately it is possible that some items are counterfeit products. Buy Nippon has the mandate to place a bid and make purchases on your behalf. We have no affiliation with the sellers of these sites and unfortunately cannot guarantee the authenticity of the items or be held responsible if a product is counterfeit. If you have doubts we recommend that you refrain from bidding.
All auctions are final. Japanese sellers are very strict on this point and any cancellation will result in the inability to buy later with the same seller. Cancellation might be eligible if the item you received is different from the one described in the original auction due to a seller mistake.
This case is rare but unfortunately can happen. Yahoo vendors can cancel their auction at any time without prior notice.
To buy from any Japanese website just fill in the order form when you are connected.
All parcels from abroad are subject to customs duties. We advise you to check with the relevant authorities in your country.
When we make a payment to the seller we need to pay a fee to the bank issuing the transfer.
These fees are paid in order to get your items shipped to our warehouse in Fukuoka. As regularly as possible, we will ask the sellers to ship your items together and pick the cheapest shipping method available.
We can store your items for free for up to two months. However, if the total weight of your items exceeds 30 kg or the maximum volume accepted by the Japanese post we can at any time start the packaging process of our own initiative.
You can send your articles to the destination of your choice. However it is necessary that you change your shipping address before confirming your shipping method.
Our staff can provide help in English, French, Chinese or Japanese. Since a bid can't be canceled, please feel free to get in touch with us prior to confirm a bid if you have any doubts about an item status or price.
Sorry, we can't negociate an item price or ask for direct purchase.
In case you want to ship your items to your hotel in Japan or to a Japanese address, you can contact us by message so we can make the necessary adjustments.
Here is a short list of items for which we can offer you another way of shipment in order to bypass the Japan Post restrictions : speakers, computer, alcohol, etc. In any case, please contact us prior to bidding.