What is the deposit?

Sets the maximum bid and authorized purchase limit

Your deposit provides an authorization to bid and purchase in amounts equal to three times the value of the deposit. For example, for an initial deposit of 10,000 yen you can bid and buy up to 30,000 yen.

Means of payment

Once all your auction and shop purchases are over, you can use your deposit to pay your articles.
However, this will affect your deposit price if you still have ongoing bids and purchases in progress.
When you decide to pay for your articles, a third or the total amount of the ongoing auction and shop purchases will be deducted from your deposit available for payment.


Initial deposit:10000 yen
Sum of the auction (or shop purchase) ongoing: 15000 yen
Deposit available for payment: 5000 yen (10000 yen - (15000 yen /3) )
Your deposit is not blocked on the site and you can use it at any time to pay for your purchases.

Increase your deposit

To increase your deposit, go to the main page of your account and click on "Increase my deposit".

Via this page you can choose the amount of your deposit. After validation you will be redirected to the Paypal site. Buy Nippon doesn't record any credit card information in its database. After validation of your payment, your deposit will be updated immediately.

Deposit refund

In case you didn't win an auction, or if after paying your articles and shipping fee you still have deposit left on your account, you can ask the refund of this deposit via message. Your deposit will be refunded within 24 hours.

No refund of deposit

Your deposit cannot be refunded in the event that all your items are not paid for