About us

Who are we ?

Buy-Nippon is an intermediary service (also called deputy service) for your purchases in Japan.
Our service allows you to buy and bid in real time on all Japanese sites (yahoo auction, Bidders, mbok, Amazon Japan, and many others).
Many Japanese websites do not offer the possibility for foreigners to access their site (problems with language, delivery, payment, etc.), as a result we care of your purchases in Japan (communication with the seller, purchase, payment, receipt and forwarding). You can contact us for any questions.

Company information

Company name: Bless International Co.ltd [Buy Nippon]
Address: 3-7-21 Hirao, Chuo-ku,Fukuoka City , Japan
Manager: Mituso Sato
Company E-mail:info@buy-nippon.com
Kobutsu License:901010910026
(※※License for dealing used goods in Japan)


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Why use Buy Nippon ?

1.Bid directly in real time on Yahoo auction and other auction sites.
2.Buy on every Japanese website.
3.Save on shipping : Group and send your items together.

How to buy ?

Need more information? You can view the tutorials in How to buy